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The Plant Bar Co.

Leaf Wellness | Organic Leaf Shine | Pest Preventative

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Leaf Wellness Scent

Leaf Wellness is a natural and organic solution that not only enhances the beauty and shine of your leaves but also provides a crucial layer of protection against pests! Our formula includes silica, which strengthens cell walls and offers an additional level of defense against fungal diseases and common houseplant pests.

Leaf Wellness is perfect for regular plant maintenance, or as needed to help prevent houseplant pests. It can be used weekly or as needed! The ingredients in our formula include organic neem oil, castile soap, peppermint oil, silica, and distilled water, all of which are carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety. Customers love the refreshing scent of our Leaf Wellness Spray, as the essential oils helps to mask the strong Neem oil smell.

To use our Leaf Wellness spray, simply shake well before use and spray the tops and backs of all leaves. You can either let the spray dry or wipe it off to achieve a shiny finish. We are confident that our product will help you maintain healthy and beautiful plant babies! 

Pets are our priority! This product contains essential oils. While these oils are diluted and unlikely to harm your pet, it is recommended to use caution. Refrain from spraying this product on your pets or in close proximity to their food or water bowls. If spills occur, clean them up promptly to prevent pets from tracking them with their paws.