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Garden Goddess Automatic Sprayer - 1.5L

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Introducing the 1.5L Garden Goddess Spray Mister for Houseplants!

Crafted with premium plastic and silicone, this enchanting spray bottle is a must-have for your indoor jungle. Its robust design ensures longevity, while the waterproof silicone USB port keeps it safe from water splashes, making it perfect for nurturing your beloved plants. Delicately designed for a feminine touch, this magical spray bottle is not only reliable but also a chic addition to your plant care routine.

With its USB charging capability, this floral-inspired spray mist can pamper your plants continuously for up to 3 hours with just one full charge. The clear scale markings make it a breeze to measure the perfect amount of liquid, ensuring your plant babies receive just the right nourishment without any waste!

The adjustable nozzle of this Garden Goddess spray mist allows you to create different mist effects tailored to your plants' needs. This feature ensures that each leaf is showered with the ideal amount of moisture, fostering a thriving indoor garden.

Effortlessly designed with a one-button switch, this spray bottle is easy to use! Simply press the button to start the mist, eliminating the need for complicated adjustments and bringing a touch of convenience and efficiency to your plant care routine. Give your houseplants love using this Garden Goddess Spray Mister!